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End user Installation

If you selected the typical installation you can start to using the API.

Developer installation

Is you installed the developer installation you will see a shorcut created in the main menu.

Menu Shortcut

When you press in the link to open the app you will be redirected to welcome page for developers.

The link for the welcome page is: https://{COMPUTER-NAME}:46842

If you need to use a non secure site, the link for the welcome page is:

Welcome page

App welcome

  • APIS: is the OpenAPI documentation an testing
  • DOCS: will take you to the docs page where you can see al the codumentation
  • DEMO: will display a web demo.

Basic usage

By default all methods, except the status, are disabled for http. You can enable http apis but is not recomended.

You will need the computer name to access the https api. Usually you won't know the computer name, that's why the Status API is the only one enabled, by default, in http. To discover the URL for https we recoment you follow this steps:

  1. With your prefered language or browse get the response for:
  2. You will get a response
      "total": 2,
      "data": {
        "http": {
          "enable": false,
          "application_protocol": "HTTP",
          "transport_protocol": "TCP",
          "internet_protocol": "IPv4",
          "host": "",
          "port": "46841",
          "authority": "",
          "url": "",
          "local_ip": ""
        "https": {
          "enable": true,
          "application_protocol": "HTTPS",
          "transport_protocol": "TCP",
          "internet_protocol": "IPv4",
          "host": "COMPUTER-NAME",
          "port": "46842",
          "authority": "COMPUTER-NAME:46842",
          "url": "https://COMPUTER-NAME:46842",
          "local_ip": ""
  3. As you can see the http enable option is set to false and the https enable options is set to true. In the https url option you will get the url to https api.
  4. Start using the new https url