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You will have to download the installator from a link that has been sended to your e-mail.

Once downloaded you can doble click on the installer to start the instalation proces.


Intaller Welcome


Intaller License

Accept the license to continue.

Installation type

Intaller Type

  • Typical is used for regular install. For end users.
  • Custom is to select prefered options. For developers
  • Complete will install everithing. For developers


Intaller Custom

  • Certificate options is to install a custom certificate from our own C.A.
  • Developer tools options is to access API docs, documentation and demo


Intaller Install

After you press install an elevation prompt will be issued to check your administrative priviliges to install.


Intaller Installing

Software will be installed.


Intaller Finished

Installation will be finished, if you have selected custom or full install options with developer tools you will have a shorcut created in main menu.

Thanks it! all installed!